Here I go again on my owwwwwn

Ok so here we go. Again.

Being overweight – it’s huge. (Pun may or may not have been intended. Decide amongst yourselves)

I have not lost a lb. Not one single lb. In fact I had a horrifying moment of hitting 202lb… not only did I cross from 100s to 200s but I believe that is actually closer to my start goal than my ultimate goal. 

Things I am Trying

  • Exercise – I bought a spin bike. £50. I’m hoping it’ll be used more and more as time goes on. Currently 30 minutes a day is the goal. 10 minutes at a time. When I can. 
  • Weighing – I have been known to cheat. Weigh 100s of times a day. Before the bathroom, after bathroom. Naked, clothed. I also have knocked off weight that I record because “I drank a tea” or “I’ve not peed today yet” so I bought Withings scales! Even in the sale they were £73… but they upload my weight automatically to various apps and then it’s out there.. in the Internet world. I can’t lie and take it back. I can’t knock anything off either as the weight goes directly – no edits! I’ve so far weighed a lot less since.

    And last but not least… I’ve been referred to an eating disorder dietician.. Which has been a long time coming and will hopefully sort some stuff out 
    In other news… I have rejoined the gym too as I finally grew a pair and applied for a work transfer!! Go me!! This means work not only sucks less.. but I also can go back to Spin classes in the mornings. Yay!!!


    My new word is “fat” – not very new you might think. Neither did I until just now but I have had a thought.

    Here I am, on the point of daily tears because my weight is getting out of control. I’ve gone from 11 stone 9lbs up to a current weight of 12 stone 12lbs. Oops! It sucks and it feels like a never ending upwards spiral.

    But today I am going to try. I am outside the gym about to go in. Because I am “fat” – Fabulous And Trying!

    Oh yes! Bring on the new positive Binny (fingers crossed guys) I am more fed up of being fed up right now than I think I’m fed up of being overweight – how bad is that?

    So plan of action!

    1 – gym every day!
    2 – rejoin an actual Slimming World group!
    3 – stop moping
    4 – go buy some new gym kit to cheer me up and motivate me
    5 – enjoy it

    Off I go!!!


    The Go Fund Me Experiment

    You guys probably know that excess skin is a big (no pun intended) issue for me.

    I lost almost 10 stone pretty fast after weight loss surgery. Combine that with a medical condition the vastly drops the elasticity of my skin and you end up with me – living in a skin suit several sizes too big.


    Currently I weigh 12 stone 10 lbs. The lowest I’ve ever managed was 11 stone 10 lbs. This is because, even though my official “healthy weight” is sub 10st 10lb, the majority of my overweight is down to skin.


    Several consultations later both NHS and privately and the consensus is I would be a healthy weight if the skin was gone – it is just skin with no fat attached.


    Sadly the NHS surgery team will only see me if I lose another 2 stone. I am struggling on but medical professionals say it’s highly unlikely I will manage it.

    Privately, the surgery reaches £20,000 – a figure I can only dream of. Hence Go Fund Me!


    I decided that if everyone else can crowdfund for their dreams why can’t I? I worked hard to get to where I am but I physically cannot change myself anymore without help.

    That is why I’m here – if anyone who sees this post can donate just a pound or two or even just share it with their friends, family and coworkers I would be so grateful!