I hate this. Hate that I’m stuck and not even able to make myself try.

Half hearted effort follows half hearted effort.

And the only thing that is happening is I’m getting fatter and sadder in equal measure.

I’m pretending to follow a meal replacement diet, yet I’m driving to 24hr stores to stock up on jars of chocolate spread and bottles of fat coke!

I am the heaviest I have been in over a year and it shows no sign of getting better. Everything feels broken.

I no longer go to the gym. I don’t eat meals. I live off snacks – tubes of squeeze cream, blocks of cheese, family bags of Yorkshire puddings and mugfuls of gravy.

I disgust me. Nothing I own fits anymore. I hace gone from 163lb to 192lb. I just want to crawl in to bed and sob myself skinny.

So far it hasn’t worked. I need a plan.

I need help? What can I try?

Transformation Station!


Well look here, what have I gone and done! Binny has signed herself up for the 2016 Transformation Challenge!!

What is the Transformation Challenge I hear you cry? Well I shall tell you…

12 weeks of clean eating and working your butt off for the chance to win $100,000

There are also 5 prizes $10,000 for people picked by the public as well as weekly challenge prizes of gym stuff (supplements, equipment, shirts etc)


You can submit your before photos from Dec 27th until Jan 10th so as soon as that email comes through my photos will be going up. I registered last year too and did great for a few first weeks but had only really just started reading up on proper nutrition and such so struggled to plan and stick to plan.

This year is going to be different. I’ve planned. And planned. And planned. I’ve ordered (and received!) all my protein powders, workout drinks, meal prep tubs etc. I’ve got my 12 week gym plan ready to go too!

I am going to start on January 1st (yes..I’m one of THOSE people…) and plod on through until April 3rd.


* Complete full 12 weeks of gym plan
* Track macros to within 5-10%
* Complete EVERY weekly challenge
* Lose weight
* Gain muscle
* Feel awesome

And that’s it. I’m not going to put any numbers on it (not right now anyway) as I’d like to just LOOK and FEEL better in my appearance rather than solely panic about a little (or not so little) number.

Happy Mondays

Right, last week didn’t quite go to plan. And I can’t weigh tomorrow as I have a hospital appointment – boo! (Actually kinda relieved!)

So I’m starting anew! All super fresh and raring to go – I have a measly 30lbs to lose, what’s to stop me? I have a plan of action, food and fitness is planned and I am going food shopping later on!

I thought I’d take some measurements too – I have my starting ones somewhere and will post a before and after when I find them. Til then, here’s where I’m at now –

Upper Arm – 13″
Chest – 34″
Waist – 32″
Hips – 42″
Thigh – 24″
Calf – 15″

Not too shabby, if you ignore the massive butt!!

I have decided that I have new goals (the weight target still stands) and that its to get fit and toned. I want to be healthy and eat clean and workout with a smart head, not follow a diet plan for the rest of my life!


                  My new best friend!