Hungry Hippos

Holy mother what on earth is going on!

Last post was almost 5 months ago.. and in those 5 months I did 3 amazing weeks of Exante and even though I started back at a whopping 188lbs,  I stuck to my shakes and got down to 172lbs by the end of August.

Since then I’ve munched my way straight back up to 186lb and feel fat and grumpy and bleurgh. I’ve yo-yoed from 175 to 185 and back since the end of August until now but it’s getting silly!

I’ve not seen the gym in months and my fridge is home to cake and cake. So I took the plunge and bought a 12 week countdown (plus 3 holiday weeks) back at Slimming World. I may not follow the plan right to the 12th week but for now it works.

I also got myself new gym plans and food plans and back to the gym I am going to be a BEAST!



The biggest motivation for all this was (no pun intended) I bust out of my one and only pair of jeans… bought two new pairs and NEITHER fit!! Hippo!!!

So here it is… a new start (again)

I will be back to being happy with my weight.

Juiced Day One

Ok it could have gone better. It could have gone worse.

Day one of Juice Master 7 Days

7am – hot water and lemon, check.
8am – Green juice, check. Just.
10am – Green juice take two, done.

Now it went down hill. I got head hunger. And red juice was vile!

2pm  – Red juice. Drank some, tried straining it. No improvement. Down sink.

5pm – ‘Other’ Green Juice – Down it went eventually. Way too foamy though I blame the bf not the juice for that one – I think he added all the mush! After straining, great improvement!

8pm – The Orange One – Drank in one! This was lovely, carrot apple and ginger. Mmm.

10pm – Fruit tea. Done.


At 2pm-5pm I ate. I felt terrible after, mentally and physically. I even had to lie down!

I am having issues at work (no excuse) and was on a lone long shift and got down. Then the juice was awful, and the head hunger kicked in. Had a ‘row’ over popcorn so ate the whole 250g bag, along with 6 or so Jaffa cakes.

Come 5pm and the other green juice was so foamy I felt ill. I was also getting stressed at work so I caved and had a couple of boiled potatoes and two meatballs. This is when I felt so rotten I thought I was going to spew.

Had a lie down, fell asleep for an hour. Felt better. Have my two am juices prepared ready then straight back on it! Just no more red juice for me! Ever!

Food Diary – Friday 25th October

After a naughty day yesterday, today is a miracle!


*weetabix (HB)
*almond milk (1/2HA)


*jacket potato


*jacket potato



Didn’t actually have the rhubarb yoghurt…but the packet mix on the chicken isn’t on syns online.. booo!