Here I go again on my owwwwwn

Ok so here we go. Again.

Being overweight – it’s huge. (Pun may or may not have been intended. Decide amongst yourselves)

I have not lost a lb. Not one single lb. In fact I had a horrifying moment of hitting 202lb… not only did I cross from 100s to 200s but I believe that is actually closer to my start goal than my ultimate goal. 

Things I am Trying

  • Exercise – I bought a spin bike. £50. I’m hoping it’ll be used more and more as time goes on. Currently 30 minutes a day is the goal. 10 minutes at a time. When I can. 
  • Weighing – I have been known to cheat. Weigh 100s of times a day. Before the bathroom, after bathroom. Naked, clothed. I also have knocked off weight that I record because “I drank a tea” or “I’ve not peed today yet” so I bought Withings scales! Even in the sale they were £73… but they upload my weight automatically to various apps and then it’s out there.. in the Internet world. I can’t lie and take it back. I can’t knock anything off either as the weight goes directly – no edits! I’ve so far weighed a lot less since.

    And last but not least… I’ve been referred to an eating disorder dietician.. Which has been a long time coming and will hopefully sort some stuff out 
    In other news… I have rejoined the gym too as I finally grew a pair and applied for a work transfer!! Go me!! This means work not only sucks less.. but I also can go back to Spin classes in the mornings. Yay!!!

    Hungry Hippos

    Holy mother what on earth is going on!

    Last post was almost 5 months ago.. and in those 5 months I did 3 amazing weeks of Exante and even though I started back at a whopping 188lbs,  I stuck to my shakes and got down to 172lbs by the end of August.

    Since then I’ve munched my way straight back up to 186lb and feel fat and grumpy and bleurgh. I’ve yo-yoed from 175 to 185 and back since the end of August until now but it’s getting silly!

    I’ve not seen the gym in months and my fridge is home to cake and cake. So I took the plunge and bought a 12 week countdown (plus 3 holiday weeks) back at Slimming World. I may not follow the plan right to the 12th week but for now it works.

    I also got myself new gym plans and food plans and back to the gym I am going to be a BEAST!



    The biggest motivation for all this was (no pun intended) I bust out of my one and only pair of jeans… bought two new pairs and NEITHER fit!! Hippo!!!

    So here it is… a new start (again)

    I will be back to being happy with my weight.

    Hello 2014!

    Oops. I had a Christmas gain. Didn’t we all? Ok well apparently not, one woman at class lost 5lbs! We don’t like her, do we?

    Well as for me, I gained 3lbs over the festive week – not too shabby as I was half expecting 7lbs+.

    This past week I had fully intended to get that three pounds off easy peasy, but it didn’t happen. I’ve picked, and picked, and picked some more. My head just stayed in Festive Mode! I didn’t eat regularly, ate junk and pastries. And of course I couldn’t let all those Christmas choccies and biccies go to waste now could I?

    Last night was the first weigh of 2014! And I gained! Oops.

    But it’s ok, it was only 1/2 a measly pound and I’d just had dinner. Good thing is though is that it seems to have kicked me right up the arse – New Year? And I start it with a gain?? Better sort that out quick or it’ll be a repeat of 2013 (2 Stone gain in Jan/Feb – 10months taken to lose it!)

    Oh yes, that happened – I ate and ate, and gained 20lbs in 2 months! I went from 183lbs to 215lbs! Oops!

    Well here’s the plan for the week!

    • Food Plan
    • Food Diary
    • Stick to 10 syns a day (then I know I have 5 leeway!)
    • Aim for 10 speed foods a day (Just no speed soup!)
    • Get another week done for my Platinum Body Magic Award
    • Lose 4lbs (or more – I’ve done it before!)

    Off I go!!