Week 4 = -4lbs Triple Whammy!

Hello 4lb loss take 3! That’s right, 12lb off in 3 weeks.

And guess what? I’m finally in the 12 stone bracket! At last!

This week I’ve done a few classes too. There’s pilates again, Bokwa too and Core Blast. I feel much more toned too and can actually see my shape changing – I look like a female not a blob!

Here’s to week 5! We are going to be battling post-star week, a night out for dinner and a nightshift. Here goes!

2014 Week 3 = -4lbs!

Woohoo! Another whopping 4lbs off!

This week i had a night of extra syns, which i compensated for the rest of the week of course! But i did go over and by a fair whack.

Like i mentioned, i did get to some gym classes so maybe that helped? I dunno… Will be repeating my good bits again this week and will make sure to syn everything!!

Here’s to another good week – 2.5lbs til my 1stone award and 4lbs until the new stone bracket!!

2014 Week 2 = -4lbs

Yay!! Im 13st 7lbs again!!

I have been ever so good this week. I have been on plan 7 out of 7 days, writing everything down.

Each meal i have had my third super free, drank my water, 15 syns a day.

And it has worked, I am 4lbs lighter that last week. Hopefully it shall continue onward for many more weeks as there are plenty more lbs to lose!

I’ve continued the gym, finishing off week four of eight. Even booked on to that Bokwa class at long last.