Second weigh in of 2015

And it did not go well.

I gained 2.5 lbs – the exact amount I lost at my first weigh in. Oops.

I did however have an amazing week in the social sense and that of course included lots of good (but bad!) food and drink.

Let’s see, there was pizza – lots of pizza. And chips. Oh and then there was Nando’s. And real cooked dinner, with real gravy and all the naughty bits. Finally there was milkshake – unforgettable milkshake. Milkshake with Kinder Buenos and marshmallows and white chocolate buttons and cream and ice cream…. and lots and lots of yummy calories.

How I only gained 2.5 lbs I will never know.  But this week I am back and that gain is going!

Things I have done

* made free soup
* eaten and shared with dogs my last pie – still counted syns though
* did a mini Slimming World shop – milk/veg
* defrosted meat to make real food again

So wish me luck and I will see you next Friday!! (Hopefully a few lbs lighter!)

7 Things – Operation:AntiComplacency

I have decided that I am bored. Bored of Slimming World, bored of the gym, bored of dieting, bored of everything.

Same shit, different day.

I have cheated and been off plan with increasing amounts of naughtiness for three weeks now. I weigh tomorrow and I am actually scared for the first time since the new year.

So less of the negative! I still have 40lbs to lose by summer, still achievable if I pull my finger out! And fast!

I need a plan, something new! Exciting!! But what I hear you ask! Well what exactly are my current problems? Motivation! With my diet and my fitness. So that’s two areas I need to work on now!


Well this post has taken days! I have since weighed, and after trippin off and peeing twice, I lost a measly pound! Just 1lb – on a positive note I got my 1.5stone award that night but even so I am still not back on plan. And I’m still not going to the gym.

I feel so tired and so down right now that I don’t want to do anything, except eat junk. Today is Sunday. I have today and tomorrow and then I weigh. I will be lucky to maintain!!

Do I not care about losing more weight? Am I happy fat still? I want all that awful skin gone don’t I?? Well it won’t happen if I don’t lose the weight! Come on…

I think I will try a few things, starting now. 7 new things for 7 days of the week!

° Try a success express day
° 777 day – water, syns, speeds
° Red day
° Green day
° Sweet syns
° Savoury syns
° Only use syns in cooking

There we go! One per day, starting Tuesday. Will finish today and tomorrow as on plan as I can.

Week 5 + 6 = +1lb, -3lbs

So it seems it as been a while. Life has gotten in the way. Im sorry. I’ve stuck these two weeks together as nothing eventful has happened in either.

Week 5

I gained 1lb which is less than I deserved if I’m honest. I ate too much, I ‘forgot’ syns I’d eaten and I virtually gave up the gym!

Week 6

I magically lost 3lb this week and have no idea how. I did become more aware of syns but again, went over a lot! I am back at the gym though so maybe that has helped a bit.


I feel tired, my skin is awful and I am feeling rather slow in the digestive department!

I am so angry with myself that I have let myself get so lazy both with Slimming World and the gym.

I’ve had to cancel several gym classes due to work but didn’t pick others up to compensate.

Here’s to a new week!