Juiced Day Two

Hmm, does anyone have any willpower they’d like to send my way?

7am – lemon water
8am – green juice 1
11am – green juice 2

2pm – meant to be banana smoothie but my juicer broke! Bastard thing! Luckily I’d already made the other four! Got so annoyed and hungry so finished off the bacon grill from yesterday at around 500cals!! Fuck.

5pm – other green juice 1
8pm – other green juice 2
9pm – shitty value ready meal, 350cals. Fuck some more!

Off to Argos in the morning to complain about crappy juicer. Dunno what to do about day 3 right now but we shall see!

Juiced Day One – Take Two

So after a shitty week of not really sticking to anything I decided to give it another go. Then failed. Again.

So Monday this week was not only weigh day (I gained 1/2) but also day one of juice week for the final time.

And how did it go?

Well, I had all my bottles and equipment prepared the night before ready. Then in the morning I made them all ready for the whole day. Can’t complain I have no juice to hand now, huh?

My Day

7am – lemon tea
8am – green juice
11am – green juice
2pm – yellow juice
5pm – yellow juice

Weigh in came at 5.30. I had gained 1/2 a pound. Text home to moan and complain about wanting to eat junk. Did I get support, saying to stick it out, it’s only 7 days? Nope, I was told over and over to buy real food on way home. Thanks!

So weigh in came and went, I got home.

I stopped to pick up pineapples for juice day two and got a twix too. Then when I got in, had two burgers in gravy with low fat cheese and three slices of bacon grill. Again, thanks family.

I didn’t have my final juice of the day. And I felt sick, and disgusting. I still do today but on with day two. Fuck them all, I will be slim if it kills me!

On to Juiced Day Two, again!

Juiced Day 2

Well this went MUCH better – still not 100% but a whole lot better than 1200 calories of POPCORN!!

I strained my juices this time, much to their improvement.

7am – I forgot my lemon, had a fruit tea

8am – The first green juice, mmm so nice!

10am – Repeat of 8am, still nice.

Now I messed up, I finished work at 3pm with all intention of going straight home for my 3pm juice. I forgot my commitment to go to the gym EVERYday and so far I’ve done it (In my third week now!!) and didn’t want to miss a session. This meant getting home with the hunger monster in tow. I had a mini kids mince pudding and some cheese puffs. Sorry!

5pm – Turbo Juice, done!

8pm – The orange one – weird, not as nice today. No idea why :/

I’m not feeling hungry, not today (after the earlier too long wait!) but I have got throbbing headaches that have come and gone all day. Probably chemical withdrawal, right?

Day three tomorrow – need to go shopping!ImageJuiceTash!