The Go Fund Me Experiment

You guys probably know that excess skin is a big (no pun intended) issue for me.

I lost almost 10 stone pretty fast after weight loss surgery. Combine that with a medical condition the vastly drops the elasticity of my skin and you end up with me – living in a skin suit several sizes too big.


Currently I weigh 12 stone 10 lbs. The lowest I’ve ever managed was 11 stone 10 lbs. This is because, even though my official “healthy weight” is sub 10st 10lb, the majority of my overweight is down to skin.


Several consultations later both NHS and privately and the consensus is I would be a healthy weight if the skin was gone – it is just skin with no fat attached.


Sadly the NHS surgery team will only see me if I lose another 2 stone. I am struggling on but medical professionals say it’s highly unlikely I will manage it.

Privately, the surgery reaches £20,000 – a figure I can only dream of. Hence Go Fund Me!


I decided that if everyone else can crowdfund for their dreams why can’t I? I worked hard to get to where I am but I physically cannot change myself anymore without help.

That is why I’m here – if anyone who sees this post can donate just a pound or two or even just share it with their friends, family and coworkers I would be so grateful!

No further on

Well a year has passed since I ended the crappiest relationship ever and I’m so much happier.

But in that year I have gained a stone. Luckily it hasn’t been more than a stone but I can’t seem to lose any of it either.


Well it turns out that today is exactly 2 months until my boyfriend’s birthday. (That’s 9 weeks to be precise!)

I have decided that is a real goal with a real event that I will have to be at. Something to aim for. Before this, all my goals have been non-specific. I’d give myself a month or two months etc but there was no THING at the end to be slimmer FOR!

Well here goes the next 9 weeks. Starting now. I’m on it. I promise. I will lose a stone by then.

Things I Will Do

* daily food diary
* weigh and measure my HEXS
* count my syns
* sort out what I’m doing with the gym


I have gone back for a full week, then messed my back up and rested… then rest got longer.. and longer. And what do you know, another month of no gym.

I need to sit down and decide if I can justify the cost if I am not going to go.