Goodbye fattypants!

So I have messed around for too long. I haven’t been to the gym (bar two half hearted efforts) since October time! That’s shocking especially considering how hard I’d worked at it.

Now before it all goes down the drain I have sucked it up so I no longer need to suck it in!

I have signed up for a 100 day gym challenge/programme and guess what guys? Here I am on day 3 and I’m actually in the gym. That may not seem like that big a deal to some but it’s huge to me – it’s the biggest streak so far since I stopped coming.

I also miss iifym! Weird huh? I rejoined Slimming World in January but have yet to actually stick to it for a week! How I’ve lost anything is beyond me to be honest.

Back to tracking macros I go. I’m resetting my fitness pal and off I go. First thing on the menu – avocado and lime rice!! Get in my belly.

Coming up next – a week long meal plan to get myself in gear. I will be fit and toned for summer and I will be given my surgery!!


Gym come at me!