2015 – My Year To Shine

Ok so. Months ago I came back after a break. It all went horribly wrong, I gained a lot…. A whole lot! Oops.

The good things – I enjoyed my birthday, I enjoyed christmas and new year. And I relaxed as much as I ever have around the weight gain. This is the first time I’ve very nearly meant “it’s ok I’ll lose it again later”

So on Friday I rejoined Slimming World. And it’s all new! Oh lord, more things to remember!!

New plan new rules. Here’s the run down :

* No more Red and Green plans – only Extra Easy
* But tweaks still count – syn at value of what you’re replacing.
* No more Success Express
* But now there is SP!
* No more Superfree either!


Food is no longer listed as Free, Superfree, Speed, Superspeed etc.

Now there are just three categories –


On the SP plan you are either to do for a max of two weeks at a time or throw in odd days here and there. Very much like Success Express.

Difference is…

On SP fill your plate 50/50 with S and P foods. If you NEED a free food, have it…don’t stress as it’s still better than syns.

You also get 1 A choice and 2 B choices on SP. If you add in a lot of free food though, call it a standard EE day and lose the second B choice.

Easy peasy.

Why I’m going to win this time

I am going with a friend this time round.
We have both signed up for 12 weeks.
I have personal incentives.
I’m still lighter than January 2014.
I only have 2 stone to lose.
I lost that and more in 12 weeks in 2014.

Bring it on!

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