Oh Gosh! It’s been a while!

Hello you! Where have I been? Well that is a good question – the honest answer?
Probably head first in the fridge shovelling in cookies! Oops!

But I am in fact back and with a vengeance.

Today (technically yesterday – I’ll get to that) is a new day! New Binny! New body!

Starting Stats

Weight – 175lb
Height – 5ft 6in

Calories – 1919
Carbs – 182g
Protein – 140g
Fats – 70g

So what’s new? Why all the numbers? Well you see, I am back to the gym after a break and back hard. And Slimming World just isn’t cutting it anymore. Why work hard at the gym learning all about your muscles and what helps etc when at the end of the day you either blow all your syns on protein shakes (that SW’ers frown upon!) Or you can scoff 15 syns of junk (which SW’ers are known to do!)

I want to eat healthy, and clean. Why can’t I eat an avocado but your weight in white rice is ok? Hmm.

So what did Binny find?

Well, originally a contest! That’s what! Bodybuilding.com in conjunction with BSN supplements are holding a 6-week bulk/shred competition with a $10,000 prize up for grabs – now that’s what I call motivation!

And it was thanks to this, and subsequently the Team Shred forum that I found IIFYM. (If It Fits Your Macros) Theory is; you have an amount of carbs, fats and proteins that reflect whether you want to lose, gain or maintain. How you eat these is up to you but ideally as clean as possible.

Well I think I may have found it. A sustainable way of eating/working out that means I can eat what I want when I want – as long as “IFYM” 😀

And my first meal of the first day off SW? Avocado!!