Hello July!

Oh dear well I don’t know about you guys but I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy with work, home, family and friends that this (and my diet – we’ll get to that!) has taken a back seat! But it’s ok, I’m here now. Don’t panic lovelies.

So what has happened? Well, I’ve been out and about quite a bit! I had time off work so stayed with friends for a few days – I had an epic time but my waistline did not! Oh the horror when I returned to chub club to be told I gained half a stone – oops! I had fun though so that’s ok, right?? I don’t think there was anything we didn’t eat : BBQ, cider, american diner burgers, pizza, cake, sweets, more cake, more cider, oh dear!


Been out for a few meals here and there too – pizza, Mexican, harvester! But again it was fun, the company was amazing and as always “life before diet” – what’s the point in being skinny if it means missing out on all the good stuff!

So I have returned and I’m going to kick butt! My mum and her partner have been dieting too – not Slimming World but a VLCD called Exante! Since February they’ve lost almost 10stone between them!

Well I fancied a bit of that, just to lose my gain and maybe a headstart as am so close to my end goal now. It’s been hard – you have three “meal packs” a day and that is it! (Give or take a few slightly different plans) Well I’ve started and restarted a few times but am really going for it this time! I have set myself an 11 week challenge to try and hit goal! So far I am almost one whole week in but unfortunately weigh in for this doesn’t tie in with weigh in for Slimming World. Oh well. Official Exante weigh is tomorrow! Slimming world was yesterday however and there I lost 5 mahoosive pounds!! Aw yeh!


It is getting easier to stick to it as well, your body goes in to ketosis where you are low carb so burn fat rapidly (ish) and the hunger just goes away – cool huh? There are a few different plans too which I’m trying out and so far it’s helped me stick to it far better!

Total Solution – 3 packs
Total Solution+ – 3 packs plus 100cals low-carb veg off a list
Working Solution – 3 packs plus 400cals low-carb meal/snacks
Simple Solution – 3 packs plus 600cals meal


I’ve so far done a bit of everything as, especially with work, it’s hard to support someone to go for a meal and not eat with them! (I support adults with learning disabilities for those who don’t know) So on those days I have had the 400/600 calories! Heck, I’ve lost 5lb don’t knock it!

So you will see me tomorrow for “Official Exante Weigh In 1”

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