Long Time No See!!

Oh wow! Guys…..guuuuuuys! Where have I been? Not here obviously.

How bad, I had done so well keeping up with this blog and my SW instagram meals that it was keeping me hard on plan. I have a few confessions to make…bare with me.

Confession 1 – I broke my phone, proper capoot. I know that’s no excuse for eating crap but still. I couldn’t blog, instagram…I couldn’t even look up syns on the slimming world app!! So I ate it anyway. Sorry lovelies.

Confession 2 – Home has been a bit shit. Break ups and rearrangements happened and rehappened and its taken a fair while to sort my head out. I’ve eaten to make me happier. FYI it didn’t work…I got sadder. Oops. Which leads me to…

Confession 3 – I’ve dropped to losing half pounds if I’m lucky. No more massive 4lbs every week for me at the moment. One week I gained 5 whole pounds! That’s sickening! I needed to get a grip!

So I am back, I am motivated… and I have a new phone! Get in!!!

Week before last I lost a whopping 7lbs!! (Slightly overshadowed by the previous week’s 5lb gain but hush!) This week I rocked a 4.5lb loss! So…freaking…chuffed!!

I got this new bad boy too!!


That’s right, I am now 11stone 12.5lbs my lovelies!!! Boom, take that fatty!

Here’s to an epic next week!

P.S. – I’ve also had some amazing GP news which I will post about after! Off to gymmykins!! Xx

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