Happy Mondays

Right, last week didn’t quite go to plan. And I can’t weigh tomorrow as I have a hospital appointment – boo! (Actually kinda relieved!)

So I’m starting anew! All super fresh and raring to go – I have a measly 30lbs to lose, what’s to stop me? I have a plan of action, food and fitness is planned and I am going food shopping later on!

I thought I’d take some measurements too – I have my starting ones somewhere and will post a before and after when I find them. Til then, here’s where I’m at now –

Upper Arm – 13″
Chest – 34″
Waist – 32″
Hips – 42″
Thigh – 24″
Calf – 15″

Not too shabby, if you ignore the massive butt!!

I have decided that I have new goals (the weight target still stands) and that its to get fit and toned. I want to be healthy and eat clean and workout with a smart head, not follow a diet plan for the rest of my life!


                  My new best friend!

Calling Dr Jones

So I have news… Wonderful news. Well, half news but wonderful nonetheless.

I went to my GP for my monthly check up and guess what?? He’s finally going to rerefer me to the plastic surgery department! Oh yes! I have finally hit the point where my BMI is so close to healthy I could lose a toe and that’d sort it! And its only gone down or maintained.

You know what that means? He said there is next to 0% chance of plastic surgery department turning me down! Yay and such! Only 10lbs to go and waiting list here I come… A short waiting list at that…aww yeh!

Also, added bonus – he measured my height and he’s given me an extra two inches!!! I’ll take it!

Now to town to buy me some clooooothes! Xx

Losing pounds to Raise pounds!!

So to spur me on I’ve set myself a challenge!

I have two dogs who both came from rescue charity, Hope Rescue. They’re the coolest and mean I have to walk everywhere (win win, fluffy babies AND a great bum, who knew!)

Well here’s the thing, Hope Rescue do so much that their costs just keep going up so I wanted to do something for them – hence my challenge!

I have set my target for their August Bank Holiday Doggy Fun Day!! And hope to raise as much as I can for them by then by dropping my excess flab!

If any of you lovely people would like to help a girl (and a whole lotta pooches!) out – click the link below and anything is appreciated!!

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Love you all!! Onwards and downwards!

Binny xx