7 Things – Operation:AntiComplacency

I have decided that I am bored. Bored of Slimming World, bored of the gym, bored of dieting, bored of everything.

Same shit, different day.

I have cheated and been off plan with increasing amounts of naughtiness for three weeks now. I weigh tomorrow and I am actually scared for the first time since the new year.

So less of the negative! I still have 40lbs to lose by summer, still achievable if I pull my finger out! And fast!

I need a plan, something new! Exciting!! But what I hear you ask! Well what exactly are my current problems? Motivation! With my diet and my fitness. So that’s two areas I need to work on now!


Well this post has taken days! I have since weighed, and after trippin off and peeing twice, I lost a measly pound! Just 1lb – on a positive note I got my 1.5stone award that night but even so I am still not back on plan. And I’m still not going to the gym.

I feel so tired and so down right now that I don’t want to do anything, except eat junk. Today is Sunday. I have today and tomorrow and then I weigh. I will be lucky to maintain!!

Do I not care about losing more weight? Am I happy fat still? I want all that awful skin gone don’t I?? Well it won’t happen if I don’t lose the weight! Come on…

I think I will try a few things, starting now. 7 new things for 7 days of the week!

° Try a success express day
° 777 day – water, syns, speeds
° Red day
° Green day
° Sweet syns
° Savoury syns
° Only use syns in cooking

There we go! One per day, starting Tuesday. Will finish today and tomorrow as on plan as I can.

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