Week 5 + 6 = +1lb, -3lbs

So it seems it as been a while. Life has gotten in the way. Im sorry. I’ve stuck these two weeks together as nothing eventful has happened in either.

Week 5

I gained 1lb which is less than I deserved if I’m honest. I ate too much, I ‘forgot’ syns I’d eaten and I virtually gave up the gym!

Week 6

I magically lost 3lb this week and have no idea how. I did become more aware of syns but again, went over a lot! I am back at the gym though so maybe that has helped a bit.


I feel tired, my skin is awful and I am feeling rather slow in the digestive department!

I am so angry with myself that I have let myself get so lazy both with Slimming World and the gym.

I’ve had to cancel several gym classes due to work but didn’t pick others up to compensate.

Here’s to a new week!

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