Working On The Nightshift.

Well it’s nearly time to get going to work, and I thought I’d drop a post off.

Today did NOT start off well. I had arranged it as a nightshift so I could attend a tutorial morning at The Open University. I never made it as I got so lost, I clocked up 5 miles driving around the same sodding one way system. (FYI – Cardiff, you are not my friend.) So that was a bit of a meh moment and one where I’d usually say sod the world and dive face first in to a pasty (or six!)

Today however, I went and calmed myself in IKEA. I picked up those odds and ends that finally finish a room off – pot rail for the kitchen, shower pole for the bathroom, some more picture frames to add to my ever growing collection for the ‘Montage’ whenever that happens. I also bought 3 quid shoes – shh.

I have to admit that I was tempted by the smell of the IKEA cafe floating past the flatpacks but I stuck it out! It didn’t help that I’d not eaten since 9am and it was now 2pm – this was not the plan for the day but so be it. After that I took myself off to town to check out the sales leftovers and grab some munch.

In Cardiff is one of my favourite food places – Yo! Sushi. And it’s surprisingly low on the Syn front too. I had a Small Fish Box – Tuna and Salmon Sashimi (FREE) and Tuna and Salmon Maki (1.5 Syns per portion) and a side salad, finished off with as much Soy Sauce as I could get my hands on.

Off home I went, belly and boot full of goodies! In to the bath to relax before my nightshift, topped off with a portion of 1.5 Syn Lasagne from the freezer and a Sugar Free Red Bull to get me going.

For tea tonight I will be taking a couple of free yoghurts, some potatoes (for jackets or chips or Oxo roasties!) and some mushy peas. Not much on the superfree front so will take an orange to use them up!

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