Hello 2014!

Oops. I had a Christmas gain. Didn’t we all? Ok well apparently not, one woman at class lost 5lbs! We don’t like her, do we?

Well as for me, I gained 3lbs over the festive week – not too shabby as I was half expecting 7lbs+.

This past week I had fully intended to get that three pounds off easy peasy, but it didn’t happen. I’ve picked, and picked, and picked some more. My head just stayed in Festive Mode! I didn’t eat regularly, ate junk and pastries. And of course I couldn’t let all those Christmas choccies and biccies go to waste now could I?

Last night was the first weigh of 2014! And I gained! Oops.

But it’s ok, it was only 1/2 a measly pound and I’d just had dinner. Good thing is though is that it seems to have kicked me right up the arse – New Year? And I start it with a gain?? Better sort that out quick or it’ll be a repeat of 2013 (2 Stone gain in Jan/Feb – 10months taken to lose it!)

Oh yes, that happened – I ate and ate, and gained 20lbs in 2 months! I went from 183lbs to 215lbs! Oops!

Well here’s the plan for the week!

  • Food Plan
  • Food Diary
  • Stick to 10 syns a day (then I know I have 5 leeway!)
  • Aim for 10 speed foods a day (Just no speed soup!)
  • Get another week done for my Platinum Body Magic Award
  • Lose 4lbs (or more – I’ve done it before!)

Off I go!!


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