Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once

Here goes – and this is mildly painful to say – but…

Can I be losing weight too fast??

To summarise –

* I weigh everyday (so shoot me, it works for me)
* On average it has been dropping daily by around 1/2lb – 3.5lbs a week is what SW group agrees I have lost – all good there.
* My scales match group scales, loss for loss


This week, so far… I have dropped 1.4 and 2.2 over two days (i.e. AM one and AM two)

Is this not a bit much? I’m on week three of 100% SW so all the water loss should be gone, surely?

Yea I’ve been working out but not THAT much?!

Oh well, official weigh is Tuesday and I cannot wait!! Never thought I’d worry it was coming off too fast! o_O

[Highlight of the week – I’m apparently FINALLY in the 12 stone bracket – happy dance!]

Back To The Grind – 3 Days To Go

Well as weeks off work go, this has not been as I had intended. In fact, on a non-food level it’s been pretty pants/awesome. I seem to work in extremes – more fun that way.

So the good stuff!

  • I lost a second 4lbs – 8lbs in two weeks
  • I attended Pilates – initially thought it was sucky, but I didn’t half ache the next day so going to rebook as must be good
  • I did another Bokwa class – I’m keeping up, doing pretty good if you ask me
  • I passed Probation at work – 32 long hard weeks of not knowing if they’ll keep me on are finally over!!

The not so good stuff!

  • My nan got ambulanced to hospital – nearly died/conflicting meds, she’s totally fine now but we did have Fish&Chips to cheer up
  • The Grandfather-In-Law passed away – It was coming, just not quite like that. And not while I was out celebrating my loss that night! Felt bad being happy, and not being able to do anything. Followed with a cheer up Chinese – oops.
  • Other surprise commitments – visiting family, last minute Uni Day, etc meant less gym classes than hoped and less house improvements.

Oh well, foodwise I am happy. Regardless of any ups or downs I have stuck to plan – I even weighed my Chippy chips AND synned my Chinese at the full amount!! The scales are looking good for Tuesday and I finally saw that elusive 183lbs for the first time in 18months!!!

2014 Week 3 = -4lbs!

Woohoo! Another whopping 4lbs off!

This week i had a night of extra syns, which i compensated for the rest of the week of course! But i did go over and by a fair whack.

Like i mentioned, i did get to some gym classes so maybe that helped? I dunno… Will be repeating my good bits again this week and will make sure to syn everything!!

Here’s to another good week – 2.5lbs til my 1stone award and 4lbs until the new stone bracket!!