Note To Self

I am struggling so bad. And to be honest I don’t really know why. I have no excuses, no real reasons to not be able to stick to a plan. I could have hit my target for Christmas, yet as is I stand to still be 13st 7lb for my birthday in 3 weeks and no less for Christmas the week after!

I set my target at 12stone – 2lb a week and I’d have done it. But so far in 12 weeks I have lost a crappy 7lbs. While everyone else’s books are filling up with award stickers I have my lonely half stone sticker. I’m gutted.

All I had to do was stick to juices for 7 little days to give me a boost then back on to slimming world. Could I even do that? Nope. I’ve had takeout after takeout, snack upon snack and I’ve gained 2.5lbs in two weeks. I have kept up the gym and I think that’s the only reason my gains haven’t been considerably larger.

Today I have to take my juicer back as its faulty. That’s not helped but hardly a be all or end all. I just don’t know what to do now, keep trying to juice? Go back to Slimming World? Give up both and try something else?

I’m not convinced I have the willpower or motivation to go it alone but then again, the lowest I dropped to was done at home on my own. I feel like a fraud at group as I’m not following the plan, a fraud with my juices as I’m cheating there too. I just want to give up and magic myself skinny.

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