Week 12 – +0.5

Oh brilliant. In 3months I have lost a whopping 7lbs… how sad is that? Everyone else at group has lost 1-2 stones in the same time!

I’ve really lost the will to try. I might have to admit to myself I’m going to stay 13stone 7lbs forever. I even upped my target from 11st to 12st so I could hit it for Christmas. Fat chance of that happening now.

What have I done this week?

* tried juicing again
* had lots of takeaways at work
* ate barely anything else
* gym everyday still

Maybe I’m lucky it’s only 2.5 gained in two weeks and not a stone or more! Still not happy though, I can’t get my head around why I can’t stick to anything.

Will try again this week with juicing and I have to attend group until January as I’ve prepaid to ‘keep me motivated’ – yea, that hasn’t worked either.

We shall just have to see what I hit for Christmas and be happy with that. At least I still have a chance of getting in to the 12 stone bracket by Christmas or even my birthday. Who knows.


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