Juiced Day One – Take Two

So after a shitty week of not really sticking to anything I decided to give it another go. Then failed. Again.

So Monday this week was not only weigh day (I gained 1/2) but also day one of juice week for the final time.

And how did it go?

Well, I had all my bottles and equipment prepared the night before ready. Then in the morning I made them all ready for the whole day. Can’t complain I have no juice to hand now, huh?

My Day

7am – lemon tea
8am – green juice
11am – green juice
2pm – yellow juice
5pm – yellow juice

Weigh in came at 5.30. I had gained 1/2 a pound. Text home to moan and complain about wanting to eat junk. Did I get support, saying to stick it out, it’s only 7 days? Nope, I was told over and over to buy real food on way home. Thanks!

So weigh in came and went, I got home.

I stopped to pick up pineapples for juice day two and got a twix too. Then when I got in, had two burgers in gravy with low fat cheese and three slices of bacon grill. Again, thanks family.

I didn’t have my final juice of the day. And I felt sick, and disgusting. I still do today but on with day two. Fuck them all, I will be slim if it kills me!

On to Juiced Day Two, again!

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