Week 11 – +2lbs

Ooops. Well that was sort of expected. I’ve been rubbish. I’ve had so much food at work its unreal. Takeaways are coming out my ears!

Only due to going to the gym everyday do I think it was ONLY 2lbs and not 7 or 8!!

I tried to restart my juice week and failed on day one, again! I am determined to do it though as it made me feel so good and, well, I bought a bloody juicer now!!

New plan is this – weigh in at Slimming World tomorrow night. Today I am going to top up my fruit and veg for days 1-3 (again) and juice them all the night before. That way I have no excuse as the whole day will be done.

That was part of the problem, I picked up extra shifts at work but didn’t have juices for that time as I thought of be going home. That left me hungry so I bought and ate crap!

But that is another thing that is changing! I just bought myself a new car!!! How exciting! But there are two rules with it:

1 – No Eating or Drinking in the Car
2 – No buying any Crap from Shops to Eat!

Number 2 means the times I get board so spend an extra fiver on crisps and cheese and pop to scoff in private. I need that money to pay for the car so that means no more extra junk for me.

Win win right?

I am off to buy yet more fruit and veg to get juicing again!


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