Juiced Day 2

Well this went MUCH better – still not 100% but a whole lot better than 1200 calories of POPCORN!!

I strained my juices this time, much to their improvement.

7am – I forgot my lemon, had a fruit tea

8am – The first green juice, mmm so nice!

10am – Repeat of 8am, still nice.

Now I messed up, I finished work at 3pm with all intention of going straight home for my 3pm juice. I forgot my commitment to go to the gym EVERYday and so far I’ve done it (In my third week now!!) and didn’t want to miss a session. This meant getting home with the hunger monster in tow. I had a mini kids mince pudding and some cheese puffs. Sorry!

5pm – Turbo Juice, done!

8pm – The orange one – weird, not as nice today. No idea why :/

I’m not feeling hungry, not today (after the earlier too long wait!) but I have got throbbing headaches that have come and gone all day. Probably chemical withdrawal, right?

Day three tomorrow – need to go shopping!ImageJuiceTash!


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