So slimming world isn’t really cutting it at the moment. I have literally eaten everything under the sun! I still have to go weigh as I bought a countdown but am not really following it right now. I’m dreading this weeks weigh.

I bought the 7lbs in 7 days juice book by Jason Vale. Today is day one and I’ve cheated. 5 juices a day and no hard food for a week – how hard can it be?

Bit rushed today as I forgot I was in work til 3pm tomorrow but that’s no excuse. I will have today to ease in to the rest of the week. 7lbs is too good to turn down!

I weighed in this morning at 190lbs.

I had hot water and lemon at 7am, then a green juice at 8am and 11am which was lovely.

Its the 2pm one that I’ve struggled with – its nasty and I won’t be remaking it! Its beetroot and salad greens! Bleurgh.

You are also supposed to do three lots of exercise a day but I will do one tougher one to fit around work.


The yummy one!


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