Juiced Day One

Ok it could have gone better. It could have gone worse.

Day one of Juice Master 7 Days

7am – hot water and lemon, check.
8am – Green juice, check. Just.
10am – Green juice take two, done.

Now it went down hill. I got head hunger. And red juice was vile!

2pm  – Red juice. Drank some, tried straining it. No improvement. Down sink.

5pm – ‘Other’ Green Juice – Down it went eventually. Way too foamy though I blame the bf not the juice for that one – I think he added all the mush! After straining, great improvement!

8pm – The Orange One – Drank in one! This was lovely, carrot apple and ginger. Mmm.

10pm – Fruit tea. Done.


At 2pm-5pm I ate. I felt terrible after, mentally and physically. I even had to lie down!

I am having issues at work (no excuse) and was on a lone long shift and got down. Then the juice was awful, and the head hunger kicked in. Had a ‘row’ over popcorn so ate the whole 250g bag, along with 6 or so Jaffa cakes.

Come 5pm and the other green juice was so foamy I felt ill. I was also getting stressed at work so I caved and had a couple of boiled potatoes and two meatballs. This is when I felt so rotten I thought I was going to spew.

Had a lie down, fell asleep for an hour. Felt better. Have my two am juices prepared ready then straight back on it! Just no more red juice for me! Ever!


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