Gym Bunny

Well even if I’m not losing weight I’m losing inches.

I joined…. a gym!

And so far I’ve gone everyday, for at least an hour. And I do feel better for it, my skin is lovely and I feel more toned and less jiggly.

I have got a new app on my phone called Workout Trainer by Skimble that plays through workouts for you and tells you what to do and when. Then you can save the workout for points. So I’ve been doing two a day 🙂

First – bike, I’m hoping to gradually get the distance up in the same time. At 3.5km in 15 minutes right now

Weights – 30minute workout with dumbbells. I’ve done a few different ones for arms and abs etc. Against, want to increase reps and weights here.

Looking good though as appear ton have dropped 3lbs this week! Will weigh tomorrow!


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