Success Express!

Well you would have thought after last weeks amazing 4lb loss I’d be motivated to carry on my 100% plan in to this week for another good loss.

Oh no, apparently I don’t work like that. I have since eaten everything in sight. Chocolate, nutella, condensed milk! But I’ve yet to have a real meal. No free food, no super free and no healthy extras. I’ve literally just snacked on syns.

And what do I have to show for it? Nothing! Literally nothing. My scales say I have virtually stayed the same. Brilliant. So much for a 2lb loss, huh?

Well I need to turn it around. Go back to what I did last week. I have a feeling I do success express by accident. The idea is you have 1/3 free and 2/3 super free… and two lots of healthy extras!! Get in!

I have 3 days til weigh in so hopefully can do something by then. Seeing how it goes I might carry SE into next week too – 7lbs to my stone award!

Meal Plan

Breakfast – fruit and yoghurt
Lunch – tomato and onion pasta
Dinner – super free bolognese and jacket potato
Snacks – fruit, fruit, fruit!

Come on 2lbs!

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