Week 7 – -4lbs!

Woohoo! So I worked my butt off this week. And the scales agreed – I lost four pounds! That’s only half a pound off in one week what I gained in two!


I think I’ve stuck to the plan pretty well. I’ve had lots of veg and fruit after most meals. I used 10-15 syns everyday too. I never used to like the Slimming World app as, to be fair, it’s terrible. All the things you’d expect to be there aren’t. But I have found a use for it – tracking my syns. All you do is search for food (it’s a 50/50 chance of actually finding the food however) then click add and it automatically adds up all the syns you’ve had for the day. Not bad huh?



Ta dah! Let’s just hope this week goes as successfully!


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