Recipe – Mushy Pea Fritters & Carrot Chips

Dear Lord this tasted good! And all for 1 syn! Does it get any better?

Ingredients for fritters

* tin of mushy peas
* free mint sauce (I used mint and vinegar)
* smash or mash (I used two portions of smash – 60g)
* HEB breadcrumbs (60g per person)

This made 6 large fritters.

How To

1 – mix together the mushy peas, mash and mint sauce.

2 – roll in to equal sized balls.

3 – flatten and coat in breadcrumbs.

4 – cook for 20-30 mins at 180° turning once.

And the chips?

Carrot Chips

* 500g carrots
* Fry light
* 1 tbsp cornflour (3.5 syns)
* salt and pepper

What to Do

1 – peel carrots and slice in to 1cm chips

2 – coat in the cornflour and spray with Fry light. Toss to make sure they’re completely covered.

3 – bake for 40-45 mins at 180° shaking 2-3 times so they cook evenly.

4 – toss in salt and tarragon after and serve.

Would say this would serve four so under 1 syn per person! Can’t go wrong!

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