Food Diary – Friday 25th October

After a naughty day yesterday, today is a miracle!


*weetabix (HB)
*almond milk (1/2HA)


*jacket potato


*jacket potato



Didn’t actually have the rhubarb yoghurt…but the packet mix on the chicken isn’t on syns online.. booo!

Week 8 – -1/2

Well that was a bit pants. I had hoped for more but to be honest expected less, even a gain. But at least I am now back to my pre-holiday weight.

I was so naughty last week, but I can’t pinpoint why! That is frustrating me more than the minimal loss I think. If I knew why at the time then I could’ve tried to stop and turn it around. Oh well a new week today.

Target for this week – 3lbs? Ambitious? We shall see.