Teething Pains

On Monday I had three wisdom teeth out, and still went to group to weigh in. That’s hardcore commitment right there.

Since Monday up until last night all I have managed is soup from a can. There was no way that I was cooking like this. Now technically canned soup is really high in syns but as it was all I was eating I have gone from, on my scales, 191.6lbs to 188lbs between Monday and Wednesday. Today is the first day I have stayed the same and the first night I have managed real food.

Now I’m freaking out that as soon as I’m back on real food the weight will jump back on again. I have been waiting the whole year to see my weight back in the 180’s. How can I prevent it going up when I start eating again?

I need a plan.

How To Stay Skinny After Soup
* continue taking meds
* no snacking at work
* reread your books
* 1/3 superfree
* no heavy food after 8pm

Weigh in is only 4 days away and I only need 1.5lbs to get my half stone award! Last weigh in before holiday!


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