Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win

Since restarting my dieting attempts I have not really tried very hard. I’ve been going through the motions if anything. I’ve made the effort on the outside but not on the inside.


Things I have done to make it look like I’m trying :

  1. Bought healthy food for the weekly shop
  2. Written in my food diary
  3. Gone to group each week
  4. Done some planning
  5. Filled in a Body Magic log

What I’m actually doing, and why I’m not getting the results it looks like I should :

  1. Snacking on junk at work
  2. Not writing said snacks down
  3. Over-synning and pretending I didn’t
  4. Exaggerating on my Body Magic
  5. Not sticking to my plan for the week

And what have I learned from this?

  1. The only person I am cheating is me
  2. My losses only really matter to me, no one else really cares
  3. I am doing myself out of bigger losses
  4. I need to be more determined
  5. And stricter, not with the diet but with accounting for my food and treats

At the end of the day, no one else REALLY cares if I lose or gain. They’re pleased when I lose, supportive when I gain but it doesn’t actually affect them past that point. I need to do this for me. I want skin removed, they won’t do it until I am 11 stone, So stick to plan and I will be 11 stone. I want to wear size 10 clothes, stick to plan and I will be.

So what exactly is it that makes me go off plan? I’m not hungry, SW is packed with things I can eat to my hearts content. Am I bored? What can I do at work to keep me busy? I don’t snack half as much at home, and really I do less there. Am I worried about what happens when I do get to that Magic Number? So I won’t hit it as soon as I’d like, but does that mean I’d rather not hit it at all?

I need a plan of action, not for the long haul – that’s too scary and big and far off. A plan for the next month? Week? Both!

Onward and downward.


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