Paint Your Wagon

Oh dear. It went so well Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. But if you were to look at my food diary, you can tell when I went back to work.

The super free shrivelled off, the syns went up, the free was whatever came in a packet. It was shocking.

When I’m at home I’m brilliant, I don’t pick at all and I eat real Slimming World meals. When I list 24lb in 12 weeks last time it was when I was unemployed and at home all the time.

Now I’m working I’m really finding it had to eat real food, especially with long shifts. I need to plan ahead and look at what I’m working and make floor beforehand. So far I’ve had two ready meals that take up 70% of my day’s syns and more biscuits that I have fat rolls.

The problem is, nothing free is quite as quick and tasty as a high syn snack.

Plan for the week – pre-cook work meals!


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