Body Magic

If I’m not going to get a weight loss award anytime soon, I may as well work towards my fitness ones. Starting at bronze.

Bronze – 45 minutes per week, over 5/10/15 blocks. Repeat for 4 weeks.

This is easy, I could do it in my sleep. My problem is wanting to do over the 45 mins and not in small blocks like they ask.

Week 1 –
* 30 min walk around town
* 30 min walk around park

Week 2 –
* 10 min bike ride
* 20 min walk around town
* 15 mins shopping

Week 3 –
* 30 min bike ride
* 20 mins house work

Week 4 –
* 20 min walk around shops
* 20 mins diy
* 10 mins mopping

Done. Bring on Silver.

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