Me Vs Diet – Final Round

After about a year off really caring what I weighed I realised with horror that I’d accidentally gained 20lbs. I have no idea where it came from. I still think it climbed on board while I was sleeping.

But either way, here we are. I have rejoined Slimming World for the last time. I think I need cookery lessons more than I need diet advice. After all those years of dieting I could write a book on how not to diet. But I get bored so I’m going to try and cook better so I get skinny quicker – that’s the idea anyway.

I joined, again, three weeks ago and weighed 14stone 1/5lb. Then I lost 2lbs, then 1.5lbs. This week was shocking and I gained 1.5lbs back again.

To be fair, I ate like I was dying. So it’s a miracle I didn’t gain half a stone or more if I’m honest. And here we are, starting over. Again. But this time it’s the last time and every in and out will be documented for your perusal. Maybe that’ll make me skinny. We shall see.


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