Hello, My Name Is..

To say I love food is an understatement. I freaking LOVE food, like to stalker extremes. I guess that would explain why at 19 years of age I weighed in at a whopping 19stone 13lbs.

I’d dieted before, you don’t get to that size at that appearance-conscious age without trying at least one diet or two. Well I tried them all. And they worked, for a time. I got to 16stone 13lbs twice, with two different diets – Cambridge Diet and Lighterlife I believe, it was a long time ago now.

But as you can imagine, they never worked. I returned to 19stone 13lbs again, and again. So three years ago I went full-on drastic and had a gastric band installed. I’d thought about it before but it got to the point where it was all I thought about. I lost any power to stick to a conventional diet because they hadn’t worked for nearly 10 years, so why would they work now?

So in April 2010 I had my band fitted and it was the best thing I’ve done weightwise. As of now I am 13stone 12lbs and I don’t think I have ever weighed less than 13stone in my adult life. It was all fine and didn’t really seem like a huge life change but maybe I’m just used to it now and forget the getting used to it bit – like having an adorable toddler and forgetting all about the sleepless nights and endless crying.

Through just not being able to eat as much junk I got down to 15stone 7lbs give or take but then I stalled. So I found the only Diet Club I’d yet to try and signed on up. Hello Slimming World. In a year I’d got down to 13stone 2lbs just through eating well. Slimming world seems to be the only ‘diet’ to tell you to eat till you’re full full, which for me sucks as I just can’t eat enough without the band kicking in. But it does work for me now I know what I’m doing.

For the last year I haven’t lost any weight, it’s been up and down and I’ve messed around but I am back to shift those last few stone to get me to my initial goal of 11stone.


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