Prepare For Takeoff

So I’m sat in the departure lounge waiting to be called. I’ve just filled myself up with jacket potato, chilli, sour cream and melted cheese. And don’t forget the diet Coke.

I am away a whole week. 8 days in fact. That’s 8 days I cannot weigh for. How scary is that. I need to be so good this week but I really want to enjoy myself too. Which is more important though? Surely I can still enjoy my holiday without having to over indulge.

There are lots of salads and grilled meats to be had. And I will have to keep topped up with water and diet pop.

We will see.

Week 5 – -2lbs

Well looky here. 2lbs off. Back in to the 180s at last!

Not been an impressive week but luckily bad teeth meant three days I only had soup so gave me a head start. Hopefully this will help keep me on the straight and narrow as I’m at the top of the 180s so can’t afford to gain!

I’m off on holiday tomorrow too for the week, so will miss a week of weigh in. I really need to make good food choices and I will be swimming my arse off.

Next weigh in will be the 7th October, is 3lbs a good goal? We shall see.